Saturday, January 19, 2019

I finally got to experience the 787 on a long haul flight...

I had head that the environmental controls on the new Boeing were a big step forward in comfort so I was anxious to see for my self.

A little less intimate than the 777, but the 787 seating is just as comfortable.

Woah, the 787 has one very  bendi-flexi wing

And the magical lighting is great!  The cabin dims with changing wave lengths of light to a subtle ice blue.  The cabin windows dim by button, no pull down shades. The Dreamliner’s cabin pressure simulates an elevation of just 6,000 feet, a 20 percent reduction over similar aircraft. This has tremendous benefits for the passenger experience. According to statistics from Boeing, just five percent of passengers struggle with “respiratory distress” in the Dreamliner, versus one in four passengers traveling in more conventional airplanes on flights of 12 hours or more.

Leg one, arrived Shanghai.  The 787 really does make a huge difference in travel comfort!


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