Monday, October 8, 2018

The most amazing building I have ever been in!

I have traveled to many countries, and have seen so many places and met the most amazing people.  Today I have to say that I have experienced something so beautiful that it is truly hard to describe.  The pics certainly do not do it justice... I'm writing about the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.  One of Antonio Gaudi's obsessions... here you will be mesmerized by the beauty, the sounds of the organ and the creation of exquisite colors painting the interior of such a massive structure with an adroit avoidance of straight lines.... An attempt to create a space as if trees held up the ceilings, and the most interesting architecture I have ever experienced... organic almost natural living in its structural elements.  Gaudi had a vision that only an artist could have!  He could see what this could be before it was built and how it would be so incredible.

The construction will be finished by 2026...

and has been going on since 1882

The facade has modernist influences by the primary chief architects of which Gaudi was the second.

The exterior details are striking

But it is the interior that is so amazing!

The light with it's color content is spectacular!

Columns leap skyward and dissolve into tree like branches...

The ceiling shows the column termination and the amazing interplay of color turns to a dominating brilliant white

Simply amazing.  The volume of this space, the crispness of the wavelength's of light and how they mix and paint the floor, walls and columns is an experience to enjoy for a lifetime.


As you turn to towards the alter, the cascade of colors fades to different effect which brings focus to the Crucifixion 

Chapels along the walls have a miniature effect of color as well

And then there is the music!

Hope everyone liked the pics!  A most incredible place and well worth any extra effort you may encounter in trying to get here.


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