Thursday, October 4, 2018


It's been a while since we've had a vacation and this year we sure needed the break from hectic schedules and long days... I had put engines into a roll on roll off car ferry in Cartagena many years ago, and I was pleased to see things haven't changed much!

I'll share a few pics of the travels. This year we made our way through Spain and I must say, the places and people were great!

The Rinconcillo has now been open for 348 years instead of 323 years! The olives still taste delicious!

This is new... the Metropol Parasol, with a host of delicious restaurants and interesting shops.  The Seville Aquarium is below...

I had not been to the Catedral D Sevilla before and climbed the 40 flights up to the top of the Giralda.  A beautiful view of the city awaits you!

The sail symbolizes the dedication to the mariners of the sea.

The cathedral in Seville was formally a mosque as was the cathedral on Cordoba

Originally started as a Christian temple in the mid sixth century, then divided and used as a mosque and church, the building is a fusion of art and faith.  It was Christian, then Islamic, now Christian and is an amazing place to visit!

The treasures of the past are extraordinary...

In the center of the structure rises the cathedral

Looking like the funeral procession just passed through the doors, atop the statues are the remains of Christopher Columbus.

I never new his name was really Colon...
And this just happens when your trying to grab a bite to eat after a long day of traveling...


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