Friday, October 12, 2018

Madrid has a lot of museums... the MUNCYT is a gem

The Prada is fantastic by the way!  I love to wander through the engineering and science museums when I get a chance and the Museo Nacional De Cienciay Technologia was no exception.  Engineering is that happy fusion of math, art, creative problem solving and materials science.... for me it has been a wonderful career and looking over an old motorcycle or piece of lab equipment and seeing how my colleagues from years ago solved problems, designed kinematic systems for suspension systems... damped vibrations... dealt with fatigue such fun to visit these places!

I remember these Bultacos back in the 70's   they were some of the first true trails bikes in that era. You can see these old lines  copied  in the Honda trails bikes of the 1980's!

A Citroen nicely restored

This is truly an awesome machine!  In production from 1897 to 1905. 

The engine plugged  right into the rear axle without a torsional compensator or damper.

The venerable Norton GG

A nicely restored Guzzi

Another really nice 1950's Guzzi

Dondolino viva Carcano!


A Norton Manx from 1952

Cool, I've only seen Panhard's in a book before this fine 1914 example. I wonder if P&Lwere the inventors of the panhard rod?  Eventually Pahard (P&L) was absorbed by Renault.

A Scott, Squirrel not to be confused with the Scott Flying Squirrel is indeed a magnificent motorcycle!

What an engineering masterpiece!

Yay! A tornado...

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