Saturday, October 6, 2018

Expo-electric at the Arc de Triumf - Barcelona 6-7 Octubre

WOW... for many years I have been interested in and an advocate of e-vehicles.  Walking through the Barcelona Expo was a most gratifying experience.  I looked really hard at an ELR before I finally bought my CTS, and have been watching the ev and PHEV scene in the US for many years. The manufacturers that brought products to this Expo help us all to see the EV is here - now, and you will soon be driving one!

Post emissions scandal, VW seems to have accelerated the launch  of the e-vehicles nicely.

The cabin is a bit plasticy for me... 

BMW continues to improve the i3

Super cool - a conversion kit for that old Bultaco or Matisse only guess what?  This is the new Bultaco!!!! I love it!

Nissan Leafs were everywhere

I've been watching this trend and I like it!  Retro motorcycles like the Black Douglas are just starting to catch on. I think the ergonomics are great as the idea here is comfort not the rams horn bicycle designs of the 70's on up.  AND hey, there's a battery and a hub motor!  Twist of the wrist and your silently propelled to your destination.

Whoa, Ducati-esk battery powered city commuter bike.

I think my friends in the Carolina's who PEDDLE the beach with fat tire bikes would LOVE this!

Another retro e-bike.  So cool!

Lime green and GREEN

The crowds of test drivers and interested onlookers filled the plaza

Kind of  like the Polaris Slingshot, but electric...

Battery in the down-tube, hub motor, lets go!

There were several electric scooters to see and test drive...

This was fun!  I used to be the faculty advisor for the Michigan Technological  University SAE Formula Team. This is the e-formula car developed by the students of the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya.  They were so much fun to talk to, and they did a superb job with their car.  Meeting the young men and women engineers that will be creating our future is always such a great pleasure!

Can't wait until these guys break into mass production runs and become affordable.  This is the ultimate commuter machine in humble opinion.

An electric Smart car...

I have to say, the Tesla had throngs of people around it all afternoon, the Jag... not so much.

I'd say this Tesla Model X was the favorite of the Expo!  

If you have snow, mud or sand perhaps a 4 wheel drive is what you need.  

I had to try the Twizzy.  I first met this little city car in Zweibrucken and I have to say, if were exported to the US I'd but one! This little commuter car makes driving fun again!


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