Saturday, August 18, 2018

What to do when local events put a spin on travel...

This past week was another one of those unplanned adventures that turned out just great!  The fans that go to Bristol over the week for all of the entertainment pretty much reserved all of the rooms for miles...  Not being aware of NAS-anything, I found a cabin miles from work and it was great!

Small, located about 10 miles out of Damascus

What an excellent alternative to the Marriott!
 And an opportunity to explore a new city...  Roanoke.  I had never been to Roanoke, but I have to say, it's a very beautiful city...

What's old is what's new - Detroit Electric Car Company...

One of only two manufacturers to make cars in Virginia - The Kline

An old Dodge School Bus

No seat belts here!

I really like the 1930's

This Fleetwood has a rumble seat...

This EMD actually ran the Cannonball Route

Look like a Gemini?  Ten years before, this is a Jupiter Ballistic Missile.

A nice bullet nose Studebaker Speedster

-and a nice Studebaker Lark taxi...

LOL... a SnoCat too

I think the Starliner was a Loewy design...

Able Baker...

The Kline had an electric coolant fan!

My garage looks just like this!

Fun. I wonder how Roanoke came to name this street?

NASA wind tunnel model

So interesting... you can see the pitot tube locations.  This F18 model provided empirical correlation with the math models.


Give up?  Panama Canal "mule."

The evolution of rail gauge.  Bigger engines, bigger gauge.

Of course I made it to the famous Roanoke Star! Lots and lots of neon in three colors.

Largest Star in the world - or so they say...

The art museum has as a sort of Guggenheim vibe to it...

The Virginia Transportation Museum is a re-purposed railroad warehouse/loading dock.

An old Vought Corsair... eventually to find a place in the museum...

Not a bad wander through Roanoke, such a great little city.  Hope you liked the pics!


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