Saturday, August 4, 2018

Studebaker Update...

Summer is going by so fast!  I made a little time to work on our old '47 Studebaker truck engine.  There's much to do to get this old motor back to working again.  It's a very simple design with a lot of cleaver design nuances. Built to last a life time!

The old '47 Commander 226 cu in  Engine was built strong.  The materials science, fuel quality and more accurate multi-body dynamics allow a crankshaft this beefy to drive a few hundred HP.  This old '47 made 94 peak HP. 

Wire nuts kept the main bearing caps from getting loose.

The size of these bearing journals are so big, it's no wonder why these engines are still in service to this day.  Look at the rear main!  You usually see such long bearings in marine applications.  The fluid film thickness must be very thick.  Next weekend the cam and crank will come out.  Everything is seized, so this is really a labor of love.  Getting this old M16 back on the road is a giant challenge. 

Time to take a little time to enjoy summer!

Hazel has become a good boater too!


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