Sunday, August 19, 2018


Yup, Hokies!  I had the pleasure to visit Viginia Tech today.  I get to visit a number of University campuses to recruit engineers, but had never been to VT.  As you may have guessed... the Hokies are Virginia Tech students, as they like to call themselves.
Located in Blacksburg, Virginia Tech is a pretty amazing university!

The campus and the town are well planned for foot traffic and of course this little town has the vibe of a college town...

There was a church service with standing room attendance this morning...

Many of the buildings are made of local limestone.  "Hokie Stone"

This is a most interesting sculpture!  As the story goes, this young man, William Addison Caldwell, walked 26 miles from his home to this campus in order to enroll at the school in 1872.

More tradition... in this mall, are two cannons. These are actually 3 in Civil War era "Guns" and were purchased by the Drill Team in 1893.  During World War II scrap drives were common and these guns were identified as scrap and to be melted down to support the war effort.  Upon finding out that this was to be the fate of these guns, students hid them in a pond near the campus!  Many years after te war, a new group of students recovered the guns and brought them back to campus where they languished in a basement for 50 years.

The stone facade on many of the VT buildings is truly beautiful... but I must say, its give the buildings a sort of cold institutional look.

Well here ya go!  The VT mascot.  YUP, it's a Turkey.

A really impressive university! 


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