Friday, August 31, 2018

400 mph stroll through the neighborhood...

Ever take a flight and find yourself looking out the window and wondering... "what town is that?"

I used to do that all the time.  So I picked up the "Bad Elf." Some open source gps mapping software and viola!

Hmmm where exactly am I?

Fire up the Bad Elf and you can find a half dozen satellites, fix your position, air speed, location and altitude....

There ya go!  The GPS mapping software is NORMALLY used to route you through highways using the Bad Elf as a GPS antenna and chipset seeing as how most smart phones, iPads and androids do not have a GPS chipset.  The Bad Elf makes the iPod a genuine off wifi, no data consumption travel companion.

A practical little gizmo that reduces your need for a data plan to ZERO.

The Labor Day Holiday is upon us in the US... I wish you all a safe and enjoyable rest this weekend!


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