Sunday, June 24, 2018

Dragon Flies and Loons

Every morning and sometimes in the evening the nesting pair of loons call to each other... the Dragon Flies flit back and forth... humming birds visit the garden and every now and then giggling excited visitors motor by on water skis or while being pulled on a raft... Summer is a wonderful time of the year!

The lake was stocked last fall... looks like these little guys made it through the winter and are doing well!

Sort of a cool pic, in my opinion anyway.  Reflected clouds among the lily pads.

My friend the Dragon Fly

I was sitting in the brush by the shore line actually trying to get a picture of a fisher, when I head this loon scamper into flight from across the lake.  By the time I could zoom out, find him and track him while holding the Nikon with the 500mm lens I barely had enough time to get this shot.  It happened so fast that I didn't have time to stabilize the camera so fuzzy I know - but that's one of our loons!

When these Dragon Flys land to rest they rotate their wings down and forward so they become stable in a breeze. These little guys eat a lot of misquitoes...

Fun stuff!

Uh-oh, an up-side-down lily pad... 

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