Sunday, June 24, 2018

Bluegrass in the park...

Some days are amazing! 

Loon, cranes and now eagles... what a great day!

Cool... we went to a local park to hear a bluegrass band this evening and this super nice Jag was in the parking lot!

Then this super cool bike rolled in...

AND there was a big fish on a pipe - LOL... Summer in Wisconsin!

Gosh these folks were good...

Hand-Picked Bluegrass...

Dancing in the park too!

Dragon Flies and Loons

Every morning and sometimes in the evening the nesting pair of loons call to each other... the Dragon Flies flit back and forth... humming birds visit the garden and every now and then giggling excited visitors motor by on water skis or while being pulled on a raft... Summer is a wonderful time of the year!

The lake was stocked last fall... looks like these little guys made it through the winter and are doing well!

Sort of a cool pic, in my opinion anyway.  Reflected clouds among the lily pads.

My friend the Dragon Fly

I was sitting in the brush by the shore line actually trying to get a picture of a fisher, when I head this loon scamper into flight from across the lake.  By the time I could zoom out, find him and track him while holding the Nikon with the 500mm lens I barely had enough time to get this shot.  It happened so fast that I didn't have time to stabilize the camera so fuzzy I know - but that's one of our loons!

When these Dragon Flys land to rest they rotate their wings down and forward so they become stable in a breeze. These little guys eat a lot of misquitoes...

Fun stuff!

Uh-oh, an up-side-down lily pad... 

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Bands in the park...

Like many small towns around the world, when the weather is nice people gather and one of the common events are local performers...

The Trilliums are playing tonight!

These singers are dentists by day, singers by night...

Hazel, wasn't too interested in the whole event...

AML NLO, JRO and SEO AML  Happy Summer!

Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Summer Car Shows Have Started...

It's a busy time and there's so many fun things to do in the summer.  I do love the four seasons but the summer is my favorite!  I've missed this car show for many years, but finally had the chance to check it out. 

After some business travels - finally home and got the dock in!

The swing doors seem to be a popular mod these days...

Much more my speed...

More flippy doors and booming sub woofers

Just a couple of months ago I posted a very different Yugo!

Clever use of old iron...

My brother had one of these

My sister had one of these too!

Nice Model T

WOW what a cool old Model T hand made racer

Aerodynamic per 1914

I've seen these lamps at antique stores - never knew I was looking at a tail light

I suppose some dogs have exceptional lives...

A very noce woody...

More Model T's

The Woody was super clean

Not much in the way of creature comforts here

No seatbelts here!

Such simple lines...

My favorite era... all of the compound curves all the dies designed by skilled craftsmen, 2-d drawings and brilliant minds!

Whoa, this GMC is one of the first regular production 4x4's.  In the late 40's the only way to get all wheel drive was with an after market kit.

Beautiful lines

This was my favorite

The hood ornament is so classy!


Great colors on this 50's coupe

This vintage Ford looks a like a Willys

Whaaat?  I think that's an old AMC scooter!

Creative match-up

Hey!  My family had the hardtop version of this!

Nice little T-Bird


A '68 and in great shape!

You can look at the headlight bezels to identify the year!

This nice restore had the venerable straight 6

Art in sheetmetal

What a simpler time!

The Chevelle, I had a childhood friend who inherited one of these.

Another Duster

This giant dog was patiently waiting to finish off some ice cream!

Well that's all folks!