Monday, May 14, 2018

Country music?

I've never really like the formulaic nature of country music... the cowboy hat, the nasaly twang... good grief.  But if you go back to the origins... the stuff that made it popular before the age of the A&R rep, before the big record companies searched for a different sound that could wear a Stetson... there was this!

The Country Music Hall of Fame YAY!

Big guitar and legendary voices...

I wonder how many children were inspired by listening to the radio and taking those viola lessons? I love the French Folk Song... and the Trisagion Hymn...  Sweet notes that bouey the soul.

Just across the park... What a beautiful memorial to those who have served their country

So much history....

OK here's one I know something about.  How about you?  Have you ever noticed the curved versus square canopy designs? Do you see the cable cutters? Semper Fi

Every country has such memories.  Let us not forget those who served and never came home.

More hiking on the A/T, such a great trail. 


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