Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Trail City

Today I had the good fortune to wander a part of the Appalachian Trail .  WOW, what a cool experience.  I've also been lucky enough to have trekked a part of the Virginia Creeper Trail.

The old railroad trestle still stands from another time
April in Virginia is waaay better than April in Wisconsin!

Beaver Dam Creek was high and clear

Excuse my shadow!  If you are hiking the AT and want to stay in the smallest hotel, make your reservation!

Damascus, Virginia is a kind of cross roads of several trails the wind through the mountains.  Some are shared by foot traffic, horses and bikes.

Damascus IS Trail Town!

Need any camping gear?

Perhaps a night in the "Duck Inn?"

What a beautiful place

The old mill and the pond are still here, but gone is the old water wheel.

Still early spring on the trail. No bugs, cool temps, but no green cover from the braod leaf forest

I've never seen a wayside like this before!

The AT map... this section is so beautiful!

The Creeper Trail is around 35 miles long.  A nice bike ride that many enjoy.  It's called the Creeper because of 1. The creeping vines that grow up and around everything around here or 2. The slow 'creeping' speed of the steam locomotives that navigated the switchbacks and steep grades of this old rail line.

Hope you enjoyed the pics!


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