Sunday, April 15, 2018

The winter that won't end gets a historic snowstorm!

"On track to become the biggest April snowstorm ever to hit northeastern Wisconsin, a dangerous storm left roads impassable Saturday and created whiteout conditions in some areas that could make travel impossible into Sunday evening. "

That pyramid ahead is last night's snow nicely piled up awaiting today's snow to join it...

Another 20 inches or so since Friday...  The snow falls at a rate of one to two inches an hour making the task of keeping roads open nearly impossible while the winds and the snow fall

My old John Deere seized up this morning making for a quick "yooper overhaul"

Got her back running and ready for the next foot of snow in the winter that won't end!
Great day to sip hot chocolate and  watch the snow pile up.  This time of the year people around here are getting their yards cleaned up... getting the gardens ready for planting...  We are still shoveling and wondering... when this stuff actually does melt, we hope it does so slowly so we don't have to worry about flooding!

Hope you all enjoyed the pics!


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