Wednesday, April 11, 2018

I've never understood the market for Lear Jets

But now I do.  If you travel a lot your probably very familiar with all of the programs the major airlines offer.  Maybe you even have the seat maps sort of memorized... Yeah, the bulkhead on the Embraer doesn't allow you to sneak your backpack in front of you so you better board quick or your micro overhead will be gone... Or which Boeing has that odd joggle in the seating...

After years of flying commercial air, you get to know what works for you.

Lately I've been lucky enough to fly in some Beech and a steady run flying Citations... but then I flew in a Lear

All of the private jets are a treat and a step up in comfort from squeezing into economy plus and even the occasional bump to first....  But I have to say now I understand the market for a Lear.

A cabin that you can stand up in (almost)

your very own 526 mph rocket...
Getting from point A to point B in comfort and speed.  Very nice!


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