Friday, April 20, 2018

Anybody remember Seymour Cray?

The son of an engineer who worked for the City of Chippewa Falls...  I knew about his fantastic super computers as an undergrad studying engineering a long time ago. Today I had the great good fortune to get a personal tour of some of his most amazing inventions....

The Black Widow...

The list of customers is still "Secret"

Seymour's own hand written boolean logis for the Cray-2 and the logic worked out on mylar! I was struck that I have lived through this crazy cool time.

A peak inside the C-90

I so remember reading the technical journals of the day and seeing this monster

AND the Cray 2 with its liquid cooling - what an incredible invention

I may very well have used this guy as a grad student running near eal time multi-body dynamics simulations on my HPUX workstation in Lafayette, Indiana using gopher to make the linking commands from the command line...

Oh yeah, waaaay back then Hollywood recognized what computing horsepower could do for CGI

Oh yeah, these are Hoss's boots!

A T-90 in like new condition

Man, I remember when they did this work and made this poster...

What a great day!

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