Thursday, March 22, 2018


I had an invite to visit a FAB Lab today!  What a great idea.  Young students in high school or just before can explore the intersection between such things as manufacturing, technology, business and society by leveraging different approaches to the use of this lab. 

NOT Wabeno, but I had to pull over and walk a fence line to take this shot! Near Damascus, VA It had snowed in the morning and by late afternoon only snow in the mountains was left... beautiful.

OK, back to Wabeno - a charming little town.  They even have a tank!

Oooo, I wonder who has the better Paul Bunyan, Woodruff or Wabeno?

Now here's something pretty interesting.  This is a steam driven log-hauler built in 1901.  It had a track trive and two skis up front to steer through the ice and snow. This little loco pulled multiple sleighs piled high with logs to a rail head where the logs were then transported to a mill.  By the way this 18 ton contraption could make 100 HP and pull those sleighs at a brisk 8 mph!

Free admission to any traveler...
Another beautiful sunny day on the second day of spring. Hope you like the pics!


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