Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Stormy Kromer

I was born and raised into the third generation of immigrant families from Italy and Austria that left their homes out of desperation and executed a plan to learn the language and work harder than their peers, put aside personal rewards and aim whatever they could scrape together to support  their children.  Only in America do you see such a history of mapping to the common good to guide the next generation to a better future.  Thanks Clement, Julia and Mike and his Julia too!

One of the things I have always appreciated are the risk takers... Small companies that leverage  everything they have on an idea they believe in.

The Stormy Kromer seems to be one of these adventures.  JRO once upon a time even sported one of these caps.  Me too, and still do! Could be useful apparel in the coming grand minimum!

Tah under the hat... priceless

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