Monday, December 4, 2017


When the cold winter temperatures set in, and the days are short - what could be better than compiling some old Fortran?  By the way - I had to add Fortran to the spell check dictionary just now... Really? 

Well I suppose there aren't too many folks around any more who started off programming in Fortran IV as in WAT-F-IV Waterloo Fortran IV.  I remember the whole GUI thing coming about when DOS morphed into the Xerox gui and Windows and Apple sprouted... meh. Technical tool creation was then lost to the "developers" with their OOP and fancy pants IDEs.  Piffle. Give me a command line anytime. GNU please and a side of Linux - 'cause HPUX is gone.

Whatever happened to that old Cromemco anyway?  Or the DEC's PD-11 that used to heat the control room next to our test cell when it doing array processing; but I digress.  I still have my floppy disks - physics hasn't changed much but the I/O and the OS's have and by the way, that old Newton-Raphson routine still works, so does the Moulton-Howe predictor corrector algorithm.  Hmmmm, there's an argument for books written in paper there my friends! Pu you Palm Pilot away, Blackberry too. 


Here it is!  First freeze

A lovely long winter is settling in and there's work to do...


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