Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

We're in the home stretch for 2017...  Another Thanksgiving is upon us, I hope the folks that wander by my blog are well and for those celebrating the holiday - my kind regards.

Let us not forget why the day came about.  A prayerful reflection of thanks for the bounty of harvest.  No matter what your tradition, most all of us have paused to give thanks for something. 

Just a head's up to the torsional vibes visitors... I've been meaning for a long time to post my notes and calculations on damped forced response of torsional systems - I've been porting my old fortran and building a gui for some of my own engine design tools, so expect a post on the basic algorithm in the months ahead.   Maybe some journal orbit analysis too... My code uses the mobility methods of Booker, so - not so accurate anymore as journal tilting and the ensuing mixed mode lubrication regime is now pretty much the standard approach...


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