Saturday, September 16, 2017

Tomahawk thunder...

Once again it is time for the great fall ride.  Every September thousands of Harley Davidson owners and their non-H-D friends descend upon a little town in Northern Wisconsin known as Tomahawk.  I've never seen such a crowd on motorcycles before, so we set out to see the epicenter and find out what this was all about!
Tomahawk is no stranger to fiberglass magic... this is a Frank Winter masterpiece built by the Tomahawk Boat Manufacturing Company. From this little company would spring Harley Davidson Saddle bags, golf carts and created a community in the North Woods of Wisconsin with experience in molding and creating fiberglass components.

This display is of the craft "On Target" built in 1961 as a futuristic racing boat... the design made Newsweek and even traveled to NY City to be displayed on the Today show.

This old Baldwin Loco is on static display.  She's "Old No. 19" a 2-6-0 built in 1923 and used to pull iron ore from the mines in the Upper Peninsula in Michigan to the ore docks on Lake Superior. She worked until 1957 when she was replaced by diesel electric EMD's. During her day, she ran the M.T.&W line and the Charcoal Iron Company of America line.

Lots of thumpety thumpety motorcycles

The center of town was reserved for motorcycles only traffic

After a while the syncoptic beat of the big V bikes was all you could hear...

Lined with bikes down the main street and all of the adjacent side streets.  1000's of owners were enjoying the pleasant weather and making a day of it.

You could buy one of these along with many more examples of "statement attire"

Must have been break time...
Another beautiful fall weekend!


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