Friday, September 8, 2017

Tilty planet rotation is at it again...

Drat!  It looks like the darned planet has rotated around the good old sun again with that pesky tilty thing going on...  I was trying to ignore the hours of daylight shrinking.  - Did the best I could to ignore the maple trees changing color... But then today I gave in and flipped on the seat heaters on the way to work.

Fall is in the air, along with a dip in temperature and the inevitable slide towards WINTER.

22 to 24.5 degrees every 41,000 years - like clockwork (tilt does indeed change slightly).  Assuming things go from max to min bounded by the winter and summer solstices - which this year  are 21 December and was 21 June, we're half way 'round again, and better bust out the sweaters and long sleeve shirts.

From: Wiki

I am amazed at the visitors from all over the world who wander by and I promise to post the changing of the season with all of its colorful glory.

There has been no other time in my life when I have so busy.  Life is good, and having a chance to effect meaningful opportunities for many is quite a blessing.

Poor Hazel is even growing impatient...
Nope, not going to get the ball, let's do something different!

Another night falls.  I took a break from the ppts and working on the projects to sit on the dock for a while. 

Soon the Northern wilderness will be popping with the most beautiful colors - I promise to keep you posted!

So I finally got linux to see and then shake hands with my 955Q.  I've never built and patched a kernel before! YAY digital TV in North America - and with linux! 

OK, not really a roadside oddity but kind of a step side oddity... I woke up and let Hazel out this morning to find this flipper.  Hazel loves to play catch, I suspect she found this in the forest and brought it home - at least that's my theory!

Hazel's friends are always in the driveway!
 More to post soon!  AML NLO (good luck in school), JRO and SEO AML

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