Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The call of the Loon on Mildred Lake this evening

We have a pair of loons on our lake and they are most interesting to watch and listen to.  They call to each other with distinctively different calls and answers.  I made a quick sound file this evening.  The return call is barely audible, but these birds communicate across a long distance with these calls.  I've been waiting to get this pair on a video, this evening was my first try...  I'll keep at it until I get a better audio/video to post.  I managed to capture audio with Audacity then to combine a pic from the good ole Nikon into a video using Pitivi.  Worked pretty well!

Here's a spectral plot of the loon call...

I wonder what information is captured in this complex spectra... They call back and forth, so maybe it's checking in... How are you?... How's the fishing over there?

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer or winter - depending on where you are!


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