Monday, August 7, 2017

Summertime -- the way it's supposed to be!

It's been a busy summer with a lot of things going on, fortunately we made a little time, and SEO got ahead of the garden, and I did just a little old timey prep on the LMS Hazel to share this fun cruise.

I love the lines on this old boat.  You could say it suites me, a 1959 runabout with a '64 Jacobson cranking out 75 smog addled horse power LOL..  The Jake mak'n wake!

Let's get going!

Idling by the loons...

A little rough at low idle, the old '64 makes good power at throttle up.

The Hawaiian Leis were sort of like dice in the rear view mirror...

The loons have a protective area on our lake... around 4 am this morning we heard a loud clear call.  It's sort of mournful and a little eerie in the darkness of the early morning. 

This movie is a really neat roadside oddity, watch as an artist sculpts a tree from within a tree!  He's building in carvings of birds and other woodland creatures with a chain saw.  The original tree was much larger and was hit by lightning - so this creative soul is sculpting a new "tree."  
Another cool find this weekend... a beautifully restored Ford Model A

I hope all my visitors are making time to enjoy this pleasant summer here in North America. 


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