Sunday, July 9, 2017

Boat sneak...

We've been busy rebuilding our boat dock, so we haven't gotten out much this week.  BUT, I can share a sneak... but first an example of determination!

A little Hazel update, nearly full grown she's a sweetie!

Wha? that log belongs to me!

Let's get this thig back up in the yard!

Jeepers!  She carried that water logged white birch log for 70 feet!

OK onto the sneak...

It has a vintage horn...  Toot toot!

Our new boat is a 1959 classic!

Powered by a Super Seahorse outboard... The insignia of a Fleet Admiral!  5-stars don't exist anymore, but when they did/do, they were/are 5 stars for life - they never retire!  The rank disappeared with the death of Gen Omar Bradley...

Long before Nike, this was the swoosh that was king on inland lakes of the Midwest US! You might very well have pulled up to the boat ramp in your '55 Chevy with this classic in tow! 
Stay tuned!


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