Saturday, July 29, 2017

Launching of the MLS Hazel...

Puttering with some carbs and fuel lines... then on to the launch!  Fuel no ethynol, 50:1 mix Check.. Del Shannon on the speakers.. Check, ok turn the key!

Ok, so far so good...
As many of you know, I use Linux for most of my OS's so what happened next still has me wondering... to get the videos to play I converted them in Handbrake, which also decided the played better sideways!

Same reaction to "car ride!"  Hazel doesn't sit on the floor, a seat please!

Happy trails from Lake Mildred!

Shake down cruise!  I think the carbs aren't sync'd quite right... one more little tweak should do it! 


Monday, July 24, 2017

"Chicago style dogs" - whatever that means...

Ok so the carbs are done.  The culprit was the main metering jet stuck like glue to its seat.  The gunk is gone, we're ready to launch this beauty from  1959!

This weekend we'll post video of those '64 carbs pushing this cool Larson on a plane!  You will be able to hear the '64 Jake, making 75 HP on a plane...

Out and about I drove down Seymour Cray's old road to his shop today...

Sigh... these guys ate ALL of the flowers planted in the front yard...

Yeah, maybe a little grass  to wash down the flowers...

The carbs are back in place.  The launch of LMS Hazel is scheduled for next weekend!
OK, here's my super secret update on how to make a Chicago Style Dog that is so much better than that Vienna Beef dog with the neon green relish... that's what you get if you are unfortunate enough to actually be in Chicago!  LOL...

I used to think the Chicago style hot - dog was unusual, and pretty good. Guess what?... It's easy to beat!  Even the "Vienna Beef" is nothing special - it's easy to create a delectable dog w/o the Chicago associated stuff., really EASY!  So lets start with discarding that odd florescent colored pickle relish.  What the heck kind of processing creates that anyway?  OK so here's my secret tip... Maple syrup cured pickles.  These guys have a little bite with the spices bourbon.  The taste you really want though is the Maple syrup flavor... spice is a bonus....

Yup, some peppers no matter what you call them, sweet and hot is pretty much the key here.  That's really it. Simple isn't it?

Any brand of dogs will do, although I prefer Nathan's as I think they have has just the right amount of salt and flavor.  

Add the dog to ANY bread, some mustard and ketchup ( gasp the Chicago people are in denial - don't worry they spend a lot of time there ketchup and mustard taste great with the sweet and spicy flavors ) this combo handily beats IMHO, the "Chicago Dog."  Waaay way better!

Don't be stuck on convention!  Maple syrup (sweet), and the peppers (hot) bring this dog all the way home!  Let me know if you agree!

Stay tuned for the weekend launch of LMS Hazel!

This morning I happened upon a little bear.  I watched him cross in front of me so when I came up to where he had hid in the ferns, I whistled and sure enough, he stood up on his back legs and gave me a look-see. You may find him a roadside oddity, but he's just a neighbor to me!


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Sneak Part-II, the carburetors!

Maiden voyage of the LMS Hazel - that would be: Lake Mildred Ship - Hazel... got delayed with a little loop through the workshop to rebuild the dual carbs.  So, launch is delayed with travel and other things for a couple of weeks.  In the mean time here are a few engine pics for the motorheads out there!

These are 1960's vintage carbs.  A little cleaning and they will hum like new!  Let's not discuss fuel efficiency or emissions though!  This little V-4 is a thirsty little engine, but a very reliable little mill.  It amazes me to think these 57 year old motors are still out there chugging along. The '64 that pushes our classic is a roller bearing motor!  So fuel to oil ratios went from 30:1 to 50:1 in '64 when this motor left the factory. This show was a big hit when this motor was new! 

Today the fuel pump, maybe this weekend I'll get to the carbs.  One bad thing about modern fuel is the introduction of ethanol.  That stuff is hard on some rubber seals and it actually dissolves the shellac off of the cork floats used to meter fuel in the carbs.  So the cork floats sink!  After cleaning the carbs the floats will get a thin coat of gas tank sealer.  Just in case some ethenol gets in the tank someday. All fuel lines will be replaced with ethanol friendly chemistry. 

On way to dockside to see how she runs... We're looking for the fiberglass back seat that was an option back then, and I'd really like to get the interior upholstered in the period correct style this winter. 

What a beautiful boat...  She's a Larson All American, made in 1959 and this sleek little gem might have been towed to the lake behind one of these...  This pic is of Lake Mildred, and  our dock is on the side of lake... It was easier to use the public ramp to test out the motor, so off we went...

After a little testing it was clear that we couldn't pull power at the ramp, these dual carbs were a little gummed up. One very interesting feature on this dual carb set-up is the mechanical synchronization of spark timing with a rather complicated linkage that advances the distributor with increased fuel demand.  Really very cool. I can imagine the engineers around 1960 when this engine first appeared doing dyno runs to figure out how the cam profile needed to look in order to maximize power output!

SO time to go through the fuel system... I started with new fuel, then worked my way through the fuel pump... This is a common crankcase diaphragm pump.  Differential pressure in the crankcase created by the 2 stroke cycle cause a spring backed diaphragm to flex and push fuel through a check valve pair.  Pretty common for the era.  Makes good pressure - more than the carbs can draw. Luckily for us in 2017, the check valves were immune to corrosion or fatigue.  Way to go 1960's engineers!  You sent Apollo to the moon with slide rules - that generation of men and women of science rocked!

Some deposits... a little oil separation too.  Parts clean up is going well, the pump looks like new now!  It may be a few more days to get to the carbs... The white stuff is oxidation from trace amounts of water in the fuel reacting with zinc in the casting... It has to be abrasively removed to clean it out.  Not too bad for 53 years of service!

A very fun work in progress,  the '47 Studebaker is on hold this summer  but I'm going to do my best to get the engine rebuilt this fall though!


Sunday, July 9, 2017

Boat sneak...

We've been busy rebuilding our boat dock, so we haven't gotten out much this week.  BUT, I can share a sneak... but first an example of determination!

A little Hazel update, nearly full grown she's a sweetie!

Wha? that log belongs to me!

Let's get this thig back up in the yard!

Jeepers!  She carried that water logged white birch log for 70 feet!

OK onto the sneak...

It has a vintage horn...  Toot toot!

Our new boat is a 1959 classic!

Powered by a Super Seahorse outboard... The insignia of a Fleet Admiral!  5-stars don't exist anymore, but when they did/do, they were/are 5 stars for life - they never retire!  The rank disappeared with the death of Gen Omar Bradley...

Long before Nike, this was the swoosh that was king on inland lakes of the Midwest US! You might very well have pulled up to the boat ramp in your '55 Chevy with this classic in tow! 
Stay tuned!


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Independence Day 2017!

Another parade, the country is another year older, and so am I...  Wonderful weather for a parade and little well deserved rest and relaxation.  In this part of the US temperatures were in the upper 70's around 26C with clear blue skies.  We attended the local parade and have a few pics to share... In no particular order... My movies will have to post later (too big to upload)  There was a really fantastic fife and drum band, and a super Bagpipe band from Canada that marched in the parade. I'll post later.

Discovered a really nice new restaurant too!

View off my deck this fine morning!

OK, I've been to a lot of parades in my lifetime.  Never have I seen people place their chairs on the street (reserving their spot) 6 hours ahead of the parade! 

Roadside oddity!  Riding lawn-mower...


A '40 Dodge..

Too old to march?  Not a problem!

The classic 55

Memories of my childhood!  What a nice GTO

Man dressed as dog riding on a fire engine...

A Shelby Mustang...

The local kids!

Great CHevrolet restoration!

The very patriotic Batman made an appearance

The Hodagmobile...

The mayor takes a ride down main street...

Hope everybody is enjoying this nice summer and I hope those in the US had a very pleasant Independence Day!

AML and Happy B-Day JRO, NLO and SEO AML