Saturday, June 3, 2017

Summer is wonderful!

We're getting the canoe out, the grass is green, and the trees are leafed out... Trilliums have come and gone.  Summer is here and it is as beautiful as ever!
This post is just a meander of the past 4000 miles, a few airplanes and one rental car.  I think I'll bring the Nikon out on the river tomorrow, we'll see what's going on out there!

A hold over from the last trip... This is the Pegasus wood carving in the Tucson, AZ  airport

Trusty Abe, about to clobber some tourists in the parking lot.

Hazel, doing what Hazel does...

Ok, now this is something I don't think many of us see.  A yard full of steel weldments in the shape of winged dinosaurs, elephants and other stuff!

Another roadside oddity.  What tips this into oddity vs kitche is the shear size of the bear. I would say around 3 M high...

Whoa, what's this... this was the approach to the giant bear.

I'll close with this crazy roadside oddity.  I have to laugh as it's owner even sculpted the fence for dramatic effect. 

 A busy summer for me.  So many things going on.  I've even traded my motorcycle for a boat!  More about that in a late summer post!  I have  made some progress on the Studebaker, but it's a slow moving project.  I really want to get the power train done this summer, but I have been diverted into sheetmetal.  I do have test data that supports submerging rusted parts into a mixture of molasses and water 1:4... really works!  Update on that in July!

I hope all are well who visit my little blog.  Soon JRO will cross the first big milestone.  Go Tah go!  Proud of you, AML JRO.  NLO too, FORWARD!


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