Tuesday, May 30, 2017

These days I travel a bit less, but still find stuff that makes me wonder...

This guy has been threatening the parking lot with an axe since I was a kid...  Paul Bunyan of Wisconsin timber lore, stands next to his "trusty" ox Babe... 

I grabbed a lunch at the "Cook Shanty" last week.  I knew going in I would remember my own kids eating here as well as my mom and dad also.  The memories were so wonderful!   I am sure that many of my blog followers have such a memory about a place in Japan, Germany or Brasil... this was a little piece of my own history and I liked the trip down memory lane!

Then it was on to yet another graduation.  Another gymnasium full off talented young people on their way to do great things.  I applauded all of them! Oh, and here's a short update on Hazel too.

Hazel was out on morning patrol when she ran up to a coyote... I let her out arounf 5 AM and she was wondering the tree line, when I saw a deer pop up and then run off. I was happy and a bit relieved she did not give chase. Then a few seconds  later I saw what was chasing the deer... a large coyote who was now focused on hazel.  Hazel has only ever known the chance meeting of another dog and understood no danger.  She's small and gets run over in the dog park... so when I saw a 60 lb coyote bounding after her along the tree line it was all I could do to run towards her and shout. 

She was a good 300 feet away and the coyote was almost right next to her when I bellered some sort of indescribable "you stay away." Braugh....something...as low I could make my voice go and as big as I could make my body be!

As fast at the situation came about... the coyote turned an ran off, Hazel started to follow... only I yelled REALLY loudly to come, and it was over.  Phew, crazy English Setter! 

More road side oddities to come! Think Badger!

Summer has been wonderful!

By the way, anyone ever hear of the fore runner to the North American Big Foot fable?  Ever hear of the Hodag... more about that in my next post!


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