Saturday, April 1, 2017

Studebaker Update!

Warm weather has returned, thanks mainly to tilting of the planet, I'm not banking on CO2 to help much!  With the warm weather comes an M-Series Update!  Today I removed the front clip and started to work on a cradle for the engine and transmission.  That's the next big step this year. 

My goal is to have the engine and transmission rebuilt this summer, sheet metal next year...

These old M-Series trucks were built between 1941 and 1948 - my truck is the 1 1/2 ton M-16 so it came with the "bigger" Commander 226 CI engine.  I think it developed 94 peak HP and 84 or 85 "Sale-able" HP.  You can get that kind of power out of a KTM or Ducati without much trouble these days.  I thnk it's a really cool old truck and I like the mustache look of the grill...

NLO and JRO  you don't know what absolute fun you're missing! 


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