Thursday, April 20, 2017

On a desert highway...

The idea of posting attractions along a highway is a time honored tradition.  Burma Shave, Wall Drug... classic examples in the US.  Well today I drove a very boring stretch of AZ I-10 and just had to check this out!

I actually drove this highway last night and noticed the many bill boards for the "THING!"

What the heck... I figure you only go around once.  I had to know - What is the THING?

It costs a dollar to walk through a door and go see.  You get to follow "Big Foot" tracks painted on the walkway that takes you through several buildings with warnings about the occasional snake or local animal that "could  be" in any of the buildings.

Along the way anticipation builds as you pass by various displays of "Things."

Long story short... This is the THING.  It is pretty weird.  Looks like a doll-mummy.  Curiosity satisfied I turned back onto I-10 headed for Tucson

Until next time...
Someplace in the desert...


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