Monday, March 6, 2017

Update... Hazel Graduates!

Yay!  Our English Setter pup has made it through obedience class!  She graduated at the top of her class too (she was the only student at the time...) LOL...

We are very thankful to the really amazing trainers at Georgia K9! Hazel learned all of her hand signal commands, and was a riot to work with during the training.  We learned a lot about the cognitive ability and behavior of canines with very positive results from balanced training.  Dogs can learn to do amazing things when treated kindly and the trainer knows what they're doing.  GK9, you guys and gals are the best!

The graduate...
Off leash chasing bird shadows on the beach...
On leash running - because she can!

Hope you got a smile from the pics,  Hazel is a lot of fun. She's about half grown now, I'll post something this spring to update all.


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