Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Studebaker Museum in South Bend Indiana....

I've been working on restoring our '47 Studebaker truck and knew I would have the chance to visit the Studebaker museum and National Archives early this year.

So the day came!  I have to say, South Bend is a city rich in history.  The car business is just one chapter.

It looks like any abandoned factory

But the old Studebaker assembly plant is being re-purposed...

Cars and trucks rolled off the line in this plant since the 1920's

A 160M USD renovation project has started.  New companies - high tech companies, low tech companies, business incubators, and apartments are to be created in this old venerable building!

The old logo sits in front of the museum

Ok... here we go!  Welcome to the Studebaker National Museum!

One of many of the wagons on display.  Studebaker manufactured over 1 million horse drawn wagons before they ever made an automobile.

Many US Presidents had Studebaker carriages built just for them.

A "Bullet Nose"
The bread and butter of the wagon era

The size of the older touring cars surprised me.

On a radiator, the company badge is quite elegant

The "Wheel Logo"

Fisher Body had nothing on South Bend

Thermometer and logo that thousands of workers passed under every day at the plant shown in the first set of pics...

Gear driven speedo

My favorite car in the collection...

Reliability and craftsmanship were part of the Studebaker DNA


A 1920's hood ornament / thermometer

Gosh the cars from the 30's were beautiful...

Elegant hood ornament

The Bendix concept car.  Look familiar?

The last Studebaker ever built.

Dodge came out with the Airflow in '34.  This was a car made by Studebaker employees in their off hours for Bendix.  It was a demonstrator and was built in 1934.  Me thinks Chrysler learned a lot from Studebaker in their Airflow.

This was the car that they bet it all on!  The Avanti.

One of the concept cars that never made it into production.  I see Pontiac GTO with concealed headlights here...

Another beautiful Studebaker. Studebaker and Packard merged in the 1950's

Raymond Lowey fingerprints

A woody...

The cars from the 30's have always been my favorites

Oh Boy!  I hope my '47 looks like this when I'm finished!

From an old dealership... the LARK was one of the success stories

Parking is shared with another museum.

Alas I must go.  What a great museum!
Hope you liked the pics!


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