Saturday, February 18, 2017

SEWE in Charleston!

You couldn't ask for a nicer day!  We made it to the Southeast Wildlife Exposition and here we see the release of three hawks from the roof of a nearby building...

That flew gracefully...

into a city square where we learned about their behaviors, hunting skills and environmental requirements...  This is a pic from the city square of another type of falcon.

Not to be ignored... a vulture!  They are really very smart birds.

This owl is native to  Africa

The Kite is an awesome bird...

Agile and graceful, this kite swooped in and snatched a treat that was thrown into the air...

Dinner time!
We took Hazel to the dog events... LOL

OK, now pay attention! You see this orange thing? 

Now go get it!

Fun!  Dogs of all sorts were flying off the "dock" to retrieve these floating decoys.

Don't know why a camel was here, but what they heck?  Why not?!
An incredible display of paintings, sculpture and wood carvings were at the Charleston Place Hotel.  
Some of the native birds out on the beach this morning

These guys are beautiful to watch

They glide over the waves and when they see something delicious...

They zoom straight into the sea for it!
A perfect dive!

 Hope you all liked the pics, my pleasure to share!  What a super nice day!


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