Friday, January 20, 2017

What ever happened to the Daedalus?

Remember Daedalus?  A father tried to help a child who couldn't resist flying too high...  Icarus didn't fly in the middle, but flew high where the sun melted the wax in his wings.  Truly a myth as everybody knows higher up is colder... but I digress - the story is an allegory for many things including the consequences of not mitigating your actions.

But there was another Daedalus. The one from MIT.  Whatever happened to man powered flight and that crazy mylar skinned flying machine?  Well I know where it is!

I happened to look "up" the other day and there it was...

It's starting to show it's age a little.

Somewhere between Terminals A-B and C-D at Dulles Airport hangs the Daedalus.  Really a source of inspiration.  Sort of a giant kite with a human powered propeller.  So if you ever travel through IAD and you have a bit of a layover, I'd take the long walk to go check it out.


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