Sunday, January 8, 2017

Theophony and remembering...

I recently attended a Liturgy that made me reflect on something very important.  Most of us know love, have empathy and a whole range of emotions that make life rich.  Corinthians comes to mind.  For without love we are nothing.

On the morning walk, the birds are planning their day... notice the water is indeed a liquid.
The last time I participated in The Blessing of Waters it was pretty cold out!

I do remember that day.  Clearly.  Today St James (OCA) celebrated this event - although it was a bit warmer!

So today as I listened to wonderful voices of the faithful sing, I was reminded in a deep and moving way of St Paul's qualities of love.

So today is just a simple post about a memory of Theophany and some wonderful people and what love really is.  I hope all are well!


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