Thursday, January 26, 2017

A French WW-II pilot by the name of Roland de la Poype

Designed this cool utility vehicle! 

Citroën Méhari

I had never seen one before last weekend and I happened upon this quite by accident.  A 2 cylinder plastic bodied utility vehicle just about perfect for living on a beach in the Southern part of the US.

The body panels are plastic.
 Admittedly, not very secure, but a good city car, and it looks fun to drive too!

The doors can be removed and the whole vehicle reminds me of the VW Thing

No worries about rust...

If it gets dirty, just turn the garden hose on it!
Although no longer in production, I wonder if the market would warm to an electric drive version of the Mehari these days? Simple, functional, what a delightful concept.


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