Thursday, December 15, 2016

Stuff I've seen from the side of a road during 2016...

Well here's some of the more interesting pics that I took while driving from here to there.  Some are in the US, others in Italy, Germany or Portugal.  I always try to stop and explore these because they say something about the creative nature of all of us.  Some are formal, some are funny and some defy explanation.  So without further comment, I present - the roadside oddities of 2016.

This was in a city that is named after  the game of Lacrosse.

An unusually blunt warning - this was actually a trail side oddity.  The fence in the picture quickly ends and the path then follows a ravine along a 30M shear cliff. I think not only children may want to hold hands, but many adults too!

Sculpture from Italy...

I took this sunset of the lone sailboat and calm harbor because I thought it was beautiful... serenity, peaceful, bella

There are variations of this design. I look at this and am amazed at how far materials science and analysis have come in the last 20 years to produce such a thin bridge deck with no vortex shedding vibration issues.  We've come a long way since the Tacoma Narrows! Or have we?

The most awesome griffin ever! 
This is a plane at some airport... it was a mistake, but it looked cool, so here it is!

This little town has paid artists to paint murals on buildings that capture some of this villages history.  Here we see an artists view of an old airplane hanger that existed in this town around 1918.  Communities have many talented people, and seeing this art as an expression of history is amazing.

OK... giant loon anybody?

How about a giant eagle?

From my drive way, this year we had this mob of wild turkeys that drove our hound dog absolutely crazy.
A giant duck on Lake Superior...

This reminded me of another statue on the opposite side of this ocean - the "Lost at Sea"

It isn't every day you see a mermaid couple in a fountain!

Sort of a giant "pi" as in 3.141592... this is indeed a sculpture with an artists broken chain. Or how about this... $\textstyle \prod_{n=1}^5\frac{n}{n-1}$

Back-seater in a tuk tuk... whoa- is that a "floating" cube?

Sort of cool, unusual and local street art in Lisbon.

I have no idea who this is, but I like the moustache!
Portuguese National Republican Guard on duty.

I've driven by this guy MANY times!

Not too sure about the history of this, but it evokes wonderment. Art should provoke thought and conversation... I think this does LOL

Street art in Lisbon

On the way out the door at the Poggio.... I love the Poggio Manente!
Bronze statue of local guy reading a paper.

Say it ain't so Joe...

Among the more brief and to the point restaurant signs.  I ate lunch here too.  The food was good!

This was out front of a little store on the side of a highway.  People have stopped here over the years from all of the states on the plant boxes out front.  Their specialty is delicious jams (spreads made out of peaches) and sweet juices made from locally grown fruits.

Yup, mermaid on a stick...
Kind of an unusual sign for a restaurant.  I am sure a buzzard would like the food.

Cartoon characters Lucy and Schroeder in a park by the road...

OK, here we have Rocky Taconite...  I think Rocky is REALLY this guy...

Not too often you find wood carvings of dogs on a leash!
OK, not a roadside pic... but it didn't take long for advertising at this company to "cook-up" a new addition to their spicy hot-sauce... Strangely familiar hair on the gator...

Almost the last entry for 2016.  A pizza delivery of the most unusual sort.

This is the last roadside oddity for 2016!
I missed the round bales of hay stacked and painted to look like something out of Disney movie,  the airplane going through a billboard and the sculpture of a cowboy riding a bull in a farmer's field.  BUT, I did get this really cool pic of a small regional airport main gate. 

Just a few snapshots of the cool stuff out there.  I have to say, many more have gone unphotographed because they popped up too fast, or I didn't have my camera or cell phone on me.  We shall see what new adventures in 2017 bring us!  Stay tuned!

Stay warm NLO and JRO and Merry Christmas to you, all my love!


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