Sunday, December 18, 2016

Global warming....

Nope, I don't debate climate change.  Lots of stuff happens geophysically, celestially and gamma ray-lee not to mention plate tectonics and the gap the size of Tasmania in the Pacific rim...

Nope, don't debate "change." But I think the CO2 folks are a bit off the trail.

Courtesy of The Weather Channel - actuals this AM
Just put some grain down in the pasture for the horses and shoveled a little snow in the "warm" -17F. The horses all think grain on a cold day is a darned good thing!

By the way temperature instability is a characteristic of a cooling planet not a warming one. So say the geologists who study the proxy temperature stuff.  Maybe the 6 thermometers in Antarctica tell a different story?

Stay warm my US friends! 


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