Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The World Waits... Really?

Election day in the US after notably strange campaigns ran by pretty much all candidates is finally here.

So I thought to myself - Self; have elections always been so wackyHas the press played partisan politics in the pastHave other elections been as annoying as this one?

Well lets have a look at the current state: 

Currently I think something like 76% dis-approve of congress.... that should tell the average onlooker something about the sentiments of the voting public.  Right or Left... people in general are a bit grumpy about their elected lawmakers.  Strangely - in this election I rarely saw party affiliations on roadside signs.  Hmmmm.  Maybe the next president will actually work with congress!  Or, maybe not...

What does history have to say?




So take heart...  it's been crazier - seems like it's all been done before as hard as it is to comprehend that.  Chances are tomorrow will be pretty much like today. At least that is what history tells us - we're resilient and the countless numbers of people who make up public sentiment is pretty awesome.  The big ideas and c-change events that make things better - or worse... take time to evolve into actions and even longer to be implemented.  Those things come from normal people with exceptional ideas who always create the "next big thing" in their garages - far far away from congress.  For the better, me thinks, this is generally a good thing.

One thing that I am very grateful for is the end of all of the absurd commercials.  I'm also looking forward to tuning back into network news after a long hiatus of watching the "Farm Report" every morning!    Actually - I have to say, I really like the RFD-TV and I would never have found this channel were it not for the droning on of polemics on network news shows every day.  Thanks ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX!  I now have a much better appreciation for pork bellies and soy futures. 

Hope everyone in the US went out and voted your beliefs or hopes...  may the best ones win!

Post election - here's a map by county showing which candidate received a majority of votes.

Red is Trump  Blue is Clinton


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