Sunday, November 6, 2016

The nicest November I can ever remember waterfalls post!

So we did a little hiking!  Amnicon Falls is a wonderful park nearby.  The day time temps were 70 F which is amazing for the first week of November for latitudes this far North in North America.

BUT first... my latest pizza adventure.  Many of my blog readers know I have zeroed in on the perfect crust... this latest creation has apples, walnuts, gorgonzola and few other secret ingredients!

Onward to Amnicon Falls! Named in the Ojibwe for "spawning grounds..."

We're headed into the second week of November and it was 70F here today! 

The river is low, but the geology and the beauty is still there.

There are about a dozen falls in this section of the river.

The upper falls are in basaltic rock.

The lower falls are in sandstone.  The sandstone formation is over 3000 ft deep.

No bugs, gentle breeze and 70F.  One of those late fall days that are so memorable for the pleasant temps and blue skies!

The river branches into two in the upper basalt basin.

This park is also accessible in winter for snow shoeing.  We may return for some winter falls pictures.

The transition from basalt to sandstone is very abrupt.  Here we found that there was juuust enough flow in the river to create a small flow over...

This pano actually spans the basalt to sandstone transition

A beautiful day!

You'll never guess what this water is called...

Numerous and beautiful!

Another view of the basaltic fork.
A great day to be walking in the woods and enjoying this park.  We also trekked nearby trails to an old rock quarry and explored the ruins of a long abandoned village that tended the old quarry.  Life is GOOD!


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