Sunday, November 20, 2016

Project M16-28

Another wonderful weekend... this time a wander through the Pabst Mansion and the last of the Christmas gift shopping.  All good stuff.  But the big news is the launch of the M16-28 project!

More about Project M16-28 as time goes on.  This is the first post of my '47 project truck.  Over the next few years I'll update the blog on progress.

The Pabst Mansion.  We've toured many of the old money mansions around the US.  Capt. Pabst is the quintessential American success story.  Learning about his life and touring his home was a little bit of a history lesson coupled with the visual experience of walking through the old estate.  The hidden cabinets, the acoustic tricks, the fantastic art.  I saw "Columbus in Chains"   and a plethora of art that meant something to the man and the time.  Simply amazing.  I learned  so much on this tour.

This atrium was actually part of the Pabst exhibition at the Chicago World's Fair.  The cross at the top replaced a stained glass dome and was added during the time that the mansion was in the possession of the Catholic Diocese.  Photography is not allowed {normally) so this is the best I can do to share the visual experience

Then it was on to the Milwaukee Art Museum. This is an outdoor sculpture.  The artist was trying to evoke the feelings of loss associated with is own personal feelings involving automotive accidents and loss of life. 

The main level of the MAM.  The wings weren't deployed today because the winds were too high.  Calatrava is an incredible architect.   This structure has complicated load paths, wings and cantilevered beams that sit on pinned connections...  Beauty and science fused in a concrete and glass.
Hope you all liked the pics!


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