Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Introducing The M16-28 Project

After searching for a couple of years for a truck from the 1930's (my favorite era from a design and aesthetics point of view) I finally found this cool old truck with a story.  I brought it home a couple of weeks ago and have just started to remove the front clip and some of the interior components in what I think will be around a two to three year project.  So it won't take up much space in the blog, but I will pop in an update once in a while. 

So what is an M16-28?  Well this is an M Series Studebaker with a 128 inch long wheel base with a 1.5 Ton rating.  The amazing thing is that this truck was in service until the 1980's.  It is now 70 years old!  The technical challenge of getting it restored has led to uncovering some really interesting history - more about that as I post updates.  This truck has an old Gar Wood dump system and a Bendix power brake circuit too.  Neither function today, but will over the following months.  I've learned that the Studebaker Museum has build sheets for any S/N and manuals - both shop and parts manuals that identify all of the bits and pieces. 

All that remains of the Bendix R-60...  LOL a couple of hoses and a clevis where the unit used to be!

The great news is that the PTU, drive shaft to the gear pump and control block for the dump system are all there.  Seized at the moment, but all there! 

More later, as the year come to a close, I'll be posting my prognostications (New Years), and roadside oddities for 2016 in the weeks ahead. 


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