Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Portugal Day - 3

Rain!  That didn't stop us from a 7 hour trek up and down the hills of Coimbra today.  This is a fascinating city with history that reaches back to very beginning of Portugal. We toured the university and were amazed at the capability it has had through the ages.  The old town  center is charming with shops that line a pedestrian plaza.  All toll, about a seven mile wander through a great Portuguese city amidst the most friendly natives.  

This is a statue of King Joao III.  The University of Coimbra was once his palace, and the seat of government in Portugal.

Looking towards the Hall of Arms.  PhD oral exams are still given here! This was built in 1537.

The library.  No photographs are allowed inside, so all I can do is link to this...

To think scholars were studying here when Columbus was planning trade routes.

Inside the ceremonial hall where you would defend your dissertation...

The Santa Clara Monastery

The chapel was reclaimed from intruding river water.

The city of Coimbra.  The University is perched upon the highest hill.  This picture was taken while crossing a stained glass lined pedestrian bridge that spans the Rio Mondego.

Bustling with students and visitors, Coimbra has a youthful vibe.

If you are in the old city, and if it's before 9PM... you can ride this back to the top!

The first elevator is a traditional lift, the second part is an incline. 

The Math Dept...

Inside the Math Department Building there were a few really interesting displays.  I'm not sure how this Newton's Cradle works, but it sure looks interesting!

Ohio State has equations in the sidewalks of it's campus, here they are chiseled into the walls...
Just a short synopsis of a great place.  I attended the Freshman Serenade last night and have some Coimbra Fado music of the students singing in the rain around mid-night.  An amazing place.


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