Wednesday, October 19, 2016


It's hilly and cosmopolitan, and the river Tajo runs past it.  Looking at Portugal it is incredible to realize that this is the land that gave the world: Magellan, Vasco do Gama, Henry the Navigator, Carmen Miranda, Antonio Salazar, Steve Perry, and a host of others so numerous it makes you wonder why this little country?  How about inventions?  The astrolabe, the galleon, the first airship - come on...marmalade and tempura!

OK, an amazing place.  If you ever get the chance - go to Portugal.


The Christ the King statue is visible from all of Lisbon.

A typical city scape.  This is near The Museum of Decorative Arts.

In the Palace Yard... the largest square in Europe, sits King Jose I.  We had a wonderful lunch off the piazza and enjoyed another 4 star day!

Alfonso Albuquerque 

Inside the church at the Jerónimos Monastery

The courtyard inside the monastery

The view from the second story walkway.  The detail in the carvings is amazing!
 I hope you like the pics. 


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