Sunday, October 30, 2016

Last camping trip of '16 on the North Shore

Destination: Split Rock Lighthouse - arrived Friday night!

The last chance to get in a camping trip for this year.  This is Gooseberry Falls by trail about 6 miles from Split Rock.

The lower Gooseberry falls...

A different view of the Upper Gooseberry falls.  The trail is pretty steep but the views are rewarding!

The audible part of the Split Rock Light

Our campsite was just beyond the island in the picture.  Night time temps were 32F so it was a little chilly.

The visual part of Split Rock.  This light came about after the storm of 1905,  That blizzard sank many ships with loss of life and cargo and was the motivation to build this light. 

We hiked the Split Rock River and bumped into several locals... Here you see a Pileated Woodpecker.

Many lake freighters are over 1000 feet long! This one was "down-bound" Headed to Two Harbors for a load of iron ore.

I discovered the Superior Trail on this trip.  A very nice hike indeed!

The 5th falls on the Split Rock River. This is a really nice hike, I recommend it if you ever get the chance.
The squad tent got some ice on it, time to put it away until next year...  I explored Silver Bay and few more North Shore haunts.  If I get a chance I'll post some "Road Side Oddities next week."  I hope you like the pics!


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