Friday, October 14, 2016

Day 5... Porto

What incredible good fortune to have another beautiful day to explore.  Today was a wander through the old port city of Oporto.

Looking towards the Atlantic above the Louis I Bridge from Vila Nova de GaiaThis bridge was designed by Gustav Eifflel's partner  Théophile Seyrig

On the side of the Porto Cathedral stands this commemorative statue of Vimara Peres.

Harry Potter fans might recognize Lello's the book store where Rowling wrote part of her book, and the inspiration for the library.

In front of the Porto University is this fountain where the freshman get "baptized."

These two churches are separated by what was Europe's narrowest house.

Inside Lello's bookstore

The ceiling is full of wood carvings.

Explorers - Portuguese navigators changed the world. This memorial commemorates Henry the Navigator

On a street we past this man playing a most unusual musical instrument

And yet another... notice the birds.

More details when I get a chance!

Isn't Porto a beautiful city?

A solid silver alter... in the Porto Cathedral
Short post for now.  I'll finish later when I have more time.


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