Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Quick trip to Gettysburg Pennsylvania

One of my grandparents came to America through the Port of Philadelphia and the old apartments where they each lived with their families are still there!  So Pennsylvania has always been in my family history.  Today I had a chance to do a quick visit to one of the most important Civil War battles - Gettysburg.  I hope you enjoy the pics, it was a beautiful day!

You can actually feel something profound in this place.

Major General John Fulton Reynolds

Maj Gen John Buford

I was particularly struck by this crucifix.  The 142d Pennsylvania Infantry.  In another war my uncle was a proud member of the 28th, his brother, my uncle Peter the dare devil - was 82nd Airborne... I have a few flags.

Oops, well this is me hanging out with time traveler Abe Lincoln...

Yup, Abe was here.

The old train depot...

Typical Federalist Style

Kind of classic.
Hope you liked the picks...


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