Sunday, September 4, 2016

Labor Day 2016

A wonderful summer is coming to an end and this weekend was Labor Day in the US.  We managed to get some canoeing in.  We saw a hawk flying along the river with a trout in its talons... and a few miles down river we saw this guy...

Perched above the river banks this eagle was enjoying the morning...

We headed South to a small town that was having a car show today and wandered through the old main street looking at some American Iron from days gone by.

2005 Ford GT... the license plate says it all!

1941 Chevrolet Special...

Another Shelby  *yawn*

This Plymouth GTX reminded me of my youth. A friend had one.  I remember he twisted the driveshaft off on evening...

A nice '54 Chevrolet

This Ford coupe had a cobra v-8 to move it along.

Classic - '69 Chevelle SS with a 396.

1958 Chevrolet Del Ray

A nice '47 coupe...

Very interesting photodocumentary of the restoration of this '57 Bel Air!

Chevrolet 1 ton Thriftmaster.  More my speed - I enjoy stock "original" cars.

I used to walk to the bus stop every day past a house that had one of these in the driveway.  AMC gave us a lot of crazy cars like the Pacer and the Gremlin... The AMX was pretty nice IMHO. The 360 not so good...

I think this is the venerable '55 Chevy...  Great paint scheme too.

My brother's friend Vic had one of these!  Three 2bbl carbs - this was called the six-pack option.

This Ford's hood can't fly open at speed...

A nice '54 with jet hood ornament - what a classic!

Oooo, Aaaaah, I still think the prettiest car ever to come off of the clay in Detroit.  The Mach 1!

The cockpit of a 1957 Bel Air...  what's that bottle on the floor?  N2O to GO...
 Hope you enjoyed the weekend pics, we had a great time taking them!


Good Luck At Drexel buddy - I love you!

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