Monday, August 15, 2016

What a great weekend!

Lots of great things to do in the summer.  I suppose that's why it has always been my favorite season.  We made it to the Duluth Blues Fest this weekend and finally to a museum dedicated to a local WWII hero who flew the awesome P-38!

Duluth has a great lake front venue for outdoor festivals

The main stage.  You can see ship traffic just to the left of the stage, very cool!

This ocean going freighter has in harbor at anchor yesterday.

Pushing the Nikon/Sigma to get a pic of Ray Fuller...

The rescue helo flew by, couldn't resist the pic.  I started my career as an engineer at Bell Helicopter...

Finally!  The Maj D Bong Museum - local flyer WW2 Ace and master of the P-38

This is the real deal... a WWII German Flak Gun

This P-38 was on static display in Poplar, Wisconsin for many years after the Maj's death.  It was restored in the 1990's by the MN Air  Guard stationed in Duluth.  They did an amazing job!

Whoa, what hve we here?  LOL, yup I also worked at CAT for many years in the engine division designing and analyzing large bore diesel engines... So this little WW2 airfield tractor caught my eye.  It's amazing to me that  the drivetrain multibody dynamics were already simulated by calculation when this guy was brand new!

My father was a WW-II US Navy Frogman and he spent his war time in the South Pacific disarming stuff like this!

Another pic of a great bird...

Alis Chalmers built these "snow machines," in the 1940's  - whats old is what's new.

Nicely restores Jeep

Even a spare V-12!

WW-II Japanese flyer goggles and heated mitts.

WOW, this is an AIR DROP scooter!

Something I had never heard of before... this is a Ford manufactured jeep like vehicle made for the Russian Army in WW-II

I suppose this is a Cyrillic "Ford."

We had a wonderful weekend, I hope you did too.

AML NLO, JRO and SEO AML  Happy 1st!

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