Sunday, August 7, 2016

A Return to a Beautiful Park - Copper Falls State Park in Wisconsin

I brought the Garmin eTrex so I could post the topological characteristics of this great park!

Entering the main trail and crossing a bridge built by WW 1 soldiers...

The waters of these rivers a rich in tannins

Many bridges like this one connect ravines

The trails are very well cared for.

There are several beautiful water falls in the park

A nice place to rest

The trail crosses the rivers a few times.  This is a suspension bridge on one of the crossings.

What a great day for a little hike!

I am really very lucky to live in such a place of natural beauty.

This is actually the confluence of two rivers meeting in this rocky canyon

The river level is pretty low right now

A couple of weeks ago we had a storm that brought 8 inches of rain.  The trees you see suspended in the gorge were carried along in that flood current.

One of my favorite places to visit since childhood...
Hope you liked the pics!


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